Meet Our Team!

Photo by Lay Renner Photography

Photo by Lay Renner Photography

Erin I'nama

Erin is a competitive pole dancer who began poling in late 2015, and competing in 2016. Originally from Homer, Alaska, she trained under competitive pole pro Tynesha B. in upstate New York, before moving back to Alaska in July of 2016. She earned her XPERTS pole fitness certification in September 2016, and is the gold medalist in Entertainment Level 1 at the 2016 Northwest Pole Championships, gold medalist in Dramatic Level 2 at the 2017 Atlantic Pole Championships, and the silver medalist in Championship Level 3 at the 2017 Northwest Pole Championships.

Erin founded Atalanta's Aerialists in February of 2017, as a way to continue her competitive training and provide technical training in pole sport. She also holds a Bachelors in Computer Science and Animation, and has a passion for art and music. Animating has led her to study movement and helped her develop as a dancer.

IG: @erin_inama

Photo by Lay Renner Photography

Photo by Lay Renner Photography

Breanna Taggart

Breanna Taggart began her pole journey in 2012. After coming across a video of a pole performance online, it was absolute love at first sight. Initially self taught, she began attending pole classes to improve her practice. She earned her certificate of instruction through the XPole Xpert teacher training program in July of 2015, following a deep passion to share with others the many health and wellness benefits pole dance has to offer, as well as it's unique, inclusive and supportive sense of community. She embraces the sensuality of pole and encourages and celebrates sensual movement. Throughout her career Breanna has attended and instructed at several studio’s within Alaska, self-directed and founded her own pole program, hosted a variety of in-state pole dance workshops and in November of 2017 debuted as a burlesque/pole performer with Pulse Dance Company's annual fundraising burlesque show, Gold Rush Girls, Alaska. She finds incredible inspiration in being able to share her love of pole through instruction, and hopes to encourage women and men to find a means of self-expression and positive self-image through pole dance. She is thrilled to be a member of the Atalanta’s Aerialists pole family! 

IG: @bktaggart


Taylor Koltes

Taylor started pole in September 2016 at Athena Vertical Dance in Tacoma, Wa. She was completely hooked the second she started. She loved the community and the sport. When she started pole the girls in my studio were getting ready for the Northwest Pole championship and she told herself that in one year she was going to compete. She moved to Anchorage, Alaska and found her new pole home at Atalanta’s Aerialists and registered for her first competition. Since then she has competed three times, and placed each time. She began teaching heels choreography in November of 2018 and is a complete dynamo on the floor and pole.

Outside of the studio she’s a full time operating room nurse. She’s also currently enrolled at the University of Alaska to finish her bachelors of science. When she’s not at work or school you can catch her playing with her fur baby, Koda, who is also often in the studio! She also enjoys hiking, snowboarding, painting, and listening to music. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her friends and family.

IG: @_tay_tay23


Taylor Smith

Taylor was first introduced to yoga by her mother as she was growing up in Ohio. She grew up swimming, dancing, and playing several different sports. But it wasn’t until she moved to Oregon after college that she really ‘got' yoga. When she landed in Pendleton, Oregon she found community, support, & collective healing. She went on to complete her 200 hr through Buti Yoga in Portland, OR in 2016. She is passionate about the healing power of movement & the energy created when people gather to move, sweat & leave it on the mat. She is working towards her 500 hr. Outside of her day job & yoga she enjoys working with fiber arts & plants, cooking & fermenting things, and running with her two dogs Kimchi & Suwannee.

IG: @seedsandspells