What if I am a complete beginner when it comes to exercise and flexibility?

Everyone starts at the beginning! Fitness is a process, so come as you are and we will teach you!

Should I spend a couple months in the gym before taking a class?
Honestly, the best way to gain strength for pole is to take a pole class. Pole uses many small muscles in your wrist, hand, shoulders, core, hips, and legs that you won’t be able to hit from the free weights section of the gym.

Is there a weight limit for pole class?
NO. Don’t let the preconception of “Only skinny/fit people pole,” get to you! Pole is for ALL body types and genders. If you want some extra inspiration, look up Roz the Diva.

Are these classes Ladies-Only?
No! All genders are completely welcome.

What if I'm not comfortable with the more "sexy" style of pole?
We have classes rooted in both gymnastic and lyrical styles, as well as classes geared towards embracing your sexy side. Pole l and Pole ll are based around learning tricks and conditioning drills according to your individual level. FLOWography is geared towards a more lyrical dance style, and Beginner Pole Choreo is our empowering heels classes. No matter your style, we have something for you!

How big are the class sizes?
Our classes can accommodate 8-10 students.