About Us

“Atalanta” by Erin I'nama

“Atalanta” by Erin I'nama


Our Manifesto

  • It is our goal to provide an inclusive environment for beginners and workout- pros alike, regardless of age or gender.

  • We hope to challenge our students in a way that shows them what they are able to achieve physically and mentally, with the support of our coaches, instructors, and community.

  • We strive to help our students build strength, flexibility, sensuality, and creativity; all in a unique training focused on their individual goals/needs.

  • We aim to empower our students to love their bodies for what they are able to accomplish through hard work and commitment.

Come just as you are and we will teach you.


Photo by Lay Renner Photography

Photo by Lay Renner Photography

Why Pole?
In pole we are challenged to love our body for its strength, for its possibilities, and its power to grow, stretch, and flex. We create flows and routines that reflect who we are inside, regardless of height, weight, age, and gender. We participate in a community that is uplifting, yet constructive, fierce, yet kind, and immensely accepting. Pole is a body and soul celebration of the growth that comes through overcoming obstacles, of being limitless and creatively free.

Atlanta? Atlantis? At-uh-lant-uh? But what does it mean??

We get a lot of questions about the name of our studio, and we get it. It's a mouthful! But, there are some pretty cool legends about our namesake, the Greek heroine, Atalanta, and it is also why we refer to our students as Amazons!

When Atalanta was born, her father had no wishes for a daughter and abandoned the infant in the wilds to die. She was suckled by a she-bear, until she was eventually found and raised by hunters. She became widely known for her athletic abilities in wrestling, running, and hunting, outperforming all of her male opponents and companions, which was unusual for a time where men and women had very specific roles in society. She is known for taking part in the voyage of the Argonauts, defeating the hero Peleus in wrestling, and was the first to draw blood in the hunt of the Kalydonian Boar, among other feats.

Eventually, she was reunited with her father who insisted that she marry. Atalanta was reluctant, as culturally, marrying would mean she settle down. She insisted that any suitors must beat her in a foot race, and that any men who raced her and lost would be put to death. Surprisingly, there were many suitors, and all of them lost. However, in a very famous story, a man asked the goddess Aphrodite for golden apples that would compel Atalanta to stop and pick them up whenever he dropped one during the race. Defeated, Atalanta agreed to marry him.

Atalanta's story ends with her lying with her now-lover in a sacred grove, which resulted in the two of them being turned into lions. There are differing opinions on whether this was a punishment for defiling a sacred place, or if it was a deity realizing that Atalanta could never fit into a stereotypical married role and taking pity on her. It was also believed, at the time, that lions could not mate with each other, thus causing the two never able to be together.

Atalanta became a symbol for equality of the sexes, and challenging standard gender roles. We think she's a badass woman who lived life the way she wanted and on her own terms. We hope to exude her freedom, energy, passion, strength, and bravery in the studio and all things life.