Artwork by Erin I'nama

Artwork by Erin I'nama


Atalanta was a fierce mythological Greek heroine that represented feminine strength, equality, and going against the societal norm. She approached her life fearlessly and passionately, fighting side-by-side with many well-known male Heroes; a feat unheard of for a young woman of her time.

In competitive pole we are challenged to love our body for its strength, for its possibilities, and its power to grow, stretch, and flex. We create flows and routines that reflect who we are inside, regardless of height, weight, age, and gender. We compete in a community that is uplifting, yet constructive, fierce, yet kind, and immensely accepting. Pole is a body and soul celebration of the growth that comes through overcoming obstacles, of being limitless and creatively free.

It is our goal as a studio to provide an inclusive fitness environment for beginners and workout-pros alike, regardless of age or gender. We help our students build strength, flexibility, and creative routines based around their goals, whether it be for future competitions and showcases, or just for their physical health. We aim to empower our students to love their bodies for what they are able to accomplish through hard work and commitment.



All classes must be booked online. Walk-ins are not accepted.

Visit our "Classes" page to book.

                                 1.) Drop-in class - $20                                 

(First class $10 with promo code "FIRST_CLASS")

2.) Monthly Membership - $150

3.) 5-Class Package - $80

4.) 10-Class Package - $160

5.) 20-Class Package - $320


*Private lessons vary by instructor